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How to Increase YouTube Adsense Revenues

by AddVisits | Category News (archives) | 07 Oct 2016 16:01

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Many people who first go on YouTube only think about one thing - making money. Money is good. Maybe it's even really good. But there are many steps that you have ot take before your YouTube partner account starts to go anywhere, and you start increasing your YouTube Adsense Revenue.

Improve your YouTube videos

This is about more than just creating better videos, this is about creating a better environment for your videos. Sure, you need to create videos that people actually want to watch, but you also need to manage them in a way that creates a following.

YouTube friendly videos

Two of the most famous guys on YouTube are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of the Smosh team. They got their start using cameras that would be embarrassed by your current smartphone’s camera. They had bad equipment, but they made great videos that appealed to their YouTube target market. I’m not saying that everyone has to jump around and act as goofy as they do, but some personality and fun go a long way in the YouTube world.

Have a schedule for your posts

Regular uploads, at a consistent time will not only build your audience quickly as they know when to come by and tune in, but it will also build your video library. At first you may only be making 50 cents off a video. If you have 5 videos uploaded over a 2 month span - you’re making no money. If you have 50 videos over that 2 month span you’ll start to see yourself gain some traction in both fan support and in increasing your YouTube Adsense money.

All of the highest YouTube earners have followed this strategy. The now retired (from YouTube) Ray William Johnson is a great example of this as he had a regular schedule, stuck to it, and created a wealth of content.

What needs to happen in the video and during the upload process

Every video you post will need to:

Effectively use SEO tactics. Fill out all the details in your description, tags, and title. Use keywords sparsely, but consistently.

Have an intro that quickly informs viewers about who you are. Don’t use it to annoy or misdirect.

Have calls to action that clearly illustrate what you want people to do. Are you trying to pump up your blog “Click the link to visit my blog.” Are you trying to grow your vlogging? “Click subscribe to follow my channel.” The YouTube pop-up text thing is important.

Each video is a new opportunity to meet someone for the first time. Make sure that you’re following this advice to 1- find them, 2 - tell them who you are, 3 - tell them what you want them to do. YouTube users expect this, they want this even, give it to them and they’ll give back.

A last point on your YouTube description

YouTube will display a small amount of information to users watching your video. This is the part of the description which must accurately talk about what happens in the video.

Below that is a “more” button. When users click on that, feel free to link to every blog you’re affiliated with, your websites, your social networks, and your momma if you want to. This is where users go to learn more about you. You want them to know more about you too, so give it to them!



Written by Lauren
07 Oct 2016 16:01

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