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Become First on Google results

by AddVisits | Category News (archives) | 24 Nov 2016 10:59

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Some think that there is a system that ensures the positioning, or you can pay to get up there, unfortunately, or rather fortunately, is not so ... at least as far as the organic results.

It's actually the same Google that decides to place must be a site and does so on the basis of the results of its algorithms: formulas that cross data and establish which are the most suitable sites to meet user requirements for each particular topic.

And then how do you?
The art of "to please a site to Google", and consequently all the other search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization - optimization for search engines).

I call that art, rather than technical, since success depends much more on experience, intuition and experimentation, which does not follow from the established rules, although it is very important to know.

For sure I can tell you that a good SEO takes time and sometimes continuous experimentation: if a strategy does not work if it is to adopt another until you get the best possible positioning. (It is not a simple and has cost labor, it should be noted.)

The best thing, to get immediately a good ranking, is to include SEO in the process of construction of the site rather than after publication, because most elements that can make a difference are included in the structure of the pages.

Let us briefly what are the key elements on which we must work.

First of all the selection and proper use of keywords.

By now everyone knows that keywords are very important and they are the pivot around which all other SEO actions. They must be designed and selected with extreme care and attention and then used according to proper criteria, without exaggeration, taking care to maintain the sense of the sentences and not annoy users.

The main elements where the keys are located are:

the domain name
the title of the page
the filename
the title of the text (h1)
the description in meta tags
But the correct use of keywords alone is not enough to climb the Google rankings because:

the content must be valuable, significant and original, no copy / paste from other sites, even when it comes to descriptions of our business published on different sites. It must be original.
the structure of the site code must be created with the right use of semantic elements and tags that allow search engines to read the contents and index them properly according to our preferences: header, content, navigation, sidebar, footer, p, h , title, h1, h2, h3 etc.
images must have appropriate titles and descriptions, contain keywords, both for usability and for proper indexing in search results for images
the site must load quickly: a site with a slow download little value, since the majority of users will be inclined to abandon it before it has finished loading. So it's important to choose a good hosting service and it is always best not to overdo it with wallpapers, heavy images, javascript etc. especially on the home page and in the pages that we want to place on the engines
the links in and out must be selected with care: avoid link exchanges with sites that have nothing to do with the subject we are dealing with. It 'true that inbound links contribute to the success of a site, because the more there are and it means that the site is attractive and popular, but they must be in-depth connections for the user and then be connected with the content from which depart. Same for outgoing links.
pay attention to the broken link (correctly connected or that link to non-existent pages or page elements): the more there are and the more you will be penalized. And 'therefore useful to check periodically outbound links because it happens that the sites to which you link may have removed the page or changing the URL.
In addition, to measure conversions, it is important that the site contains the call to action: buttons or banners that invite our visitors to take some action that can be either a purchase, for e-commerce sites, the download of a file, sending a request, the newsletter subscription ... depends on the purpose of the site.

This is because it would not make sense to get top rankings in Google and get a good number of visits, without being able to assess the response and turning users into potential customers.



Written by Lauren
24 Nov 2016 10:59

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